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Weihai fumeida industry and trade co., LTD., founded in 2000, is a comprehensive enterprise integrating product research and development, production and sales. Main FRP, carbon fiber, composite materials and various brands of elevator sales, installation, maintenance and maintenance. The company now has 5 pultrusion production lines. Other processing equipment more than 20 Taiwan (sets), the main production of various kinds of FRP profiles, solid FRP fishing rod, fishing rod, carbon yugan...

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A fishing rod is a fishing tool that looks like a long, thin, knobby rod. It usually has a handle that tapers from the handle to the back end.
Originally used as a means of subsistence fishing by humans, fishing rods are now commonly used for recreational fishing in outdoor sports, as well as in some sports or outdoor competitions of fishing competitions.

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Fishing skills - the use and maintenance of sea fishing spinning wheels
  1. We often bring some sea water when we take the line. The seawater left on the fishing line is easy to stick to the online cup. Over time, some salt will be formed, often rubbed. If it is lazy, it can be scraped down to the old for half a month. Mom cooked the vegetables, the sea is easy to run into the wire wheel, causing rust or not smooth, once stuck, it is easy to be grinded out a deep ditch by the fishing line, it is regrettable late,

  2. The line for the reel should be from big to small. Why? The wire wheel is grounded by a line. It is a matter of time. If you don’t find it in time, you can directly change the line of a new one. The line of the number is very easy to wear, and it is easy to get stuck in the small ditch, so that your wire wheels and wires will be reimbursed.

  3. You should always wipe the fishing reel frequently. If the wire wheel and rocker arm are not smooth, you should put the needle car oil on time. It is not suitable to use the oil. Because the oil has a certain viscosity, it may be counterproductive.
Common sense of "fishing": revealing the secret skills of the seven fishing techniques
"Theinsiderlooksatthedoorway,thelaymanlooksattheexcitement."Willsee,thefishisinlovewiththewater,ataglance;willnotlook,Montenegrowhitewater,fullofdoubts.Willseeandnotsee,fishingskillsarehighandlow.Thereareeightmajormovesinfishing.Ifyoucanuseitfreely,therearemanynaturalbenefits.Themainpracticesoftheeightmajorrecruitsaredescribedbelow.  First,seetheweather  Sinceancienttimes,fishinghasbeenaboutwatchingtheweather.Thedefinitionofdifferentfishindifferentweathersanddifferentwatersindifferentweathersisveryclear.Infact,watchingtheweathermainlydependsontheweather,watchingthetemperature,watchingthewinddirection(seethewinddirectionforseparatediscussion),becausesunnyfishingandcloudyfishingaretwodifferentthings,thetemperatureishighandthetemperatureislow,thefishingdifferenceisalsoquitelarge,thesunnydaytocatchthewater,fishingDeepwater,fishingfarwater.Onacloudyday,youcancatchclearwater,catchshallowwater,andcatchnearwater.Thesunisstrongandthesquidisgoodinthemuddywater.Thelightonthecloudyskyisweak,andthetroutisgoodinshallowwater.Asforthetemperature,inadditiontothebasictemperature,wemustalsolookatthetemperaturedifference.Whenthetemperatureisbelow5°Candabove35°C,somefishwillstopeatinganditwillbedifficulttocatchthem.Whenthetemperatureisaround20°C,itisgoodfortroutandsquid.Whenthetemperatureisaround30°C,itisgoodforgrasscarpandcarp.Thetemperaturedifferenceisbetween5°Cand8°C,whichisbetterforfishing.Withinaday,ifthetemperaturedifferenceexceeds15°C,itisnotgoodtofish.  Second,lookatthepondtype  Lookatthepondtypeandchoosethefishingspot.Thepondtypeisvarious.Differentpondtypeshavedifferentfishingspots.Theusualchoiceis“longpondfishingwaist,Fangtangfishingangle,bigpondfishingedge,smallTangfishingheartandsoon."Infact,therearethreemainpointsinthepondtype:oneistolookatthebeach,theotheristolookatthebay,andthethirdistolookatthesun.Springfishingbeaches,itisveryimportanttolookatthebeach.Autumnfishingbay,Tangwanwheretobeclear.Winterfishing,theplacetoseethesun.Ofcourse,nobeachcanbeshallow,nobaycanbedeep,nosuncancatchfish,thisisachangeinthepondtype.Themostimportantthingtounderstandisthedirectionofthepond.Whetherthepondisplacedinaregularornot.Theshapeofthepondisformal.Thedeepwateristhestandard.Whetheritisfacingthesouthortheeastandthewest,youmustseeclearlyandclearly.Itisrelatedtothechangeoffishingspots.Duetotheinfluenceofweatherchangesandotherfactors,whenthefishingpositionneedstobemoved,thedirectionofthepondisdifferent,andthefishingpositionofthenextstationisdifferent.Itisworthnotingthatitisnotuniquetoseethepondtype.Therearemanyfactorstoconfirmthefishingposition.Especiallywhentheconditionofthebottomofthepondisinconsistentwiththepondtype,thepondtypewillloseitseffectivenessandshouldbeclearlyobserved.  Third,lookatthewaterquality  Cometothepond,whetheritisfishingornot,whetheritisshallowordeep,whetheritisfishingfortheupperfishorthebottomfish,whichisdeterminedbythewaterquality.Thewaterqualityisdividedintofinepoints,fatandthinpoints,goodwaterandbadwater.Therearetwotypesofmuddywater:muddywaterandlightwater;purewaterhaspurewaterandculturedwater.Fertilizerandthinwater,well-defined,goodwaterandbadwater,youwillknowwhenyouhearit.Ifitisdrowning(regardlessofthattype),onacloudyorrainyday,don'tgofishingandchangetocatchitonasunnyday.Breedingclearwatercanbeusedfordeepfishingandfishing.Ifitisfertilizerwater,itisoilygreen.Whetheritissunnyorcloudy,itisnecessarytocatchfloatingfoodandcatchtheuppermiddlefish.Itisthinwater,thewaterqualityislightyellow,anditcancatchthebottomregardlessoftheweather.Waterwithastringency,forfish,forgoodwater.Smellywater,odorouspungent,badwater,nofishinbadwater.  Lookatthewaterqualityrelatedtotheclothnest,thewatershouldbedisplayedwithcoloredbaits,suchaswhiterice,graynoodlesandsoon.Clearwatercanbeusedasabait,suchasbait,beancake,pelletfeed,etc.Fertilizershouldbeclothedinsmallnests,andthinwatercanbeusedtolaylargenests.Thebaitischangeableandshouldgenerallybesynchronizedwiththelitter.Inthedrowning,itisnecessarytocolorthebait,withouthesitation.  Fourth,lookatthewinddirection  Thewindhasanorth-southdivision,somethingdifferent.Lookingatthewindwhilewatchingthewind,thefishinginthewindhastosolvetwoproblems:oneisthefishingposition,andtheotheristhefishinggroup.Thesouthwindismostlywarm,anditisnecessarytocatchshallowfishing.Thenorthwindismostlycold,anditisnecessarytocatchthebottom.Theeastwindandthewestwindarealwaysbadforfishing,especiallythewestwind.Thefishwillstopeatingandnothingcanbecaught.Thewindhasthewindandthefinewind,thewindistocatchthewind,thewindcancatchthewindtail,alsocalledthefishingwind,thewindistoobigtocatchfishing,onlychoosetocatchthewind.Therefore,thechoiceofthewind-fishingpositionisnotonlyrelatedtothewinddirection,butalsorelatedtothewind.Thefishinggroupforwindandskyfishingisalsodifferent.Thependantshouldbeincreasedandthestandardshouldberaised.Whenthestandardisadjusted,thependantshouldbeslightlyheavierthanthestandardbuoyancy.Donotletthewindblowawaythebuoy.Toraisetheheight,thewavecan'tcoverthetop.Bigfishinthewindcancatchflatandsleepingobjects.  Thereis
How do fishing beginners choose a practical float?
  Float is an essential accessory for fishing. The choice of float is directly related to the amount of fish caught during fishing, so choosing float is critical.

  The float used in Taiwan fishing belongs to vertical drift. The float is roughly divided into two types according to the shape. One is long drift, the other is short drift, one is hard tail drift, and the other is soft tail drift. For, peacock feather, bark fir, reed, chemical synthesis, etc.

  Commonly used freshwater fishing buoys are divided into four categories, long soft tail, long hard tail, short soft tail, short hard tail. Their division of labor is different: long body stability is good, suitable for bottom fishing, long soft tail is suitable for fishing for squid, long hard tail is suitable for fishing fast fish, short body standard is good sensitivity, suitable for fishing float, short body soft tail suitable Fishing news is very weak fish, short and hard tail is suitable for fishing and floating fish.

  As far as the material is concerned, the expansion of the peacock feather after being affected by the temperature difference is larger than that of the Balconia chinensis.

  Practical choice

  1, fishing float, fishing float usually has to use the 6~7 big drift, 3~4 white raft float due to less buoyancy, it is difficult to control the bait big bait.

  2, fishing bottom, usually 4 ~ 5 can be.

  3, the choice of big drift / small drift

  Whether it is a big drift or a small drift, it depends mainly on the target fish and water depth. Such as white peony, because its requirements are particularly sensitive, and the bait and hook are very small, you can use small fish 3~4, but it seems to be too sissy to catch tilapia, I want to say that there is a small white face feeling . Because the Luo Fei bait and the hook are usually much larger, in addition, the water depth is also an important factor, I usually use 1.5 meters as the standard. Below 1.5 meters, usually with a small float, more than 1.5 meters, especially sometimes at a depth of 3 meters, large float is the only choice, because this can not only ease the depth of the fishing, the bait and half water is taken away by the small fish The trouble, but also helps to shorten the bottom time, but with the large drift should still pay special attention to the sensitivity problem, can be large hours, should be small.

  4. Peacock owl / Bark fir

  If the latter is better than the former, the latter is better than the former, but it should be noted that there are two kinds of drifting feet of Balcon: one is a thin carbon rod, and the other is a conjoined wooden foot, which is accidentally easy to insert. When you break. Sensitivity, the former may be better than the latter.

  5, hollow / solid tail

  The main difference between the two is two: the ease of buoyancy and drift. The hollow tail buoyancy is greater than the solid tail, so the sensitivity is theoretically smaller than the latter, but in reality, look at your feelings and hobbies, because it is not necessarily used in theory, and the impact on the results is a matter of opinion. If it is not a professional competition, it may not be possible. The obvious difference. Because the density of fish in recreational fishing farms is usually limited, it is difficult to compare speed (mantissa). It is worth mentioning that the solid drift is very thin, and it certainly is not as easy to float as the hollow. This is for the fish that are often used 4.5 meters long, or the fish other than the white fish, or the windy/cloudy fishing. Friends, it cannot be ignored.

  The bottom of the bottom can be selected from Dharma soft tail or soft tail of the crown. If the fish eats very lightly, or the fish is more slippery, you can choose Dharma, the crown's long and small hard tail drift, the fishing float can use Dharma, crown or dance. Ji’s short hard tail float.

  Use of various buoys

  Thick short-body soft-tailed buoy - suitable for fishing and turning over (fast turning, one or two hem slow spacing, suitable for fishing control layer);

  Thick short-body hard-tailed buoy - suitable for fishing in the middle and lower layers (turning fast, sinking faster);

  Short-tailed short-tailed buoys - the fastest to turn over, suitable for catching water skins;

  Long and thin long-tailed buoys - suitable for fishing in the middle and lower layers of fast fish (can catch and kill, catch and stop);

  Small slender body and hard-tailed buoy - suitable for fishing at the bottom of the squid (can be very blunt);

  Slender body short soft tail buoy - suitable for fishing at the bottom of the light mouth squid (with the peeled peacock feather buoy as the best, the seedlings themselves to transform);

  Urgent shoulder (end shoulder) long thin hard tail buoy - suitable for fishing squid squid (sinking fast, slow recovery);

  Bamboo feet short and thin hard tail buoys - stand up fast (more carbon feet), also in place.

  The difference between solid and hollow tail

  Solid tail: The proportion of seedlings is greater than water, the signal amplitude is large, the seedlings are long, and the drop is fast. It is suitable for fishing in the upper and lower layers and light mouth.

  Hollow tail: The seedlings have buoyancy, smooth and gentle, good stability, suitable for fishing at the bottom of the light mouth squid and moving water.

  Floating selection method

  Under normal circumstances, if you want to choose a float, you should choose a float with a short tail and a drift. If you want to have a higher stability, choose a float with a soft tail and drift. Of course, this is not absolutely the same. The waters, fish, seasons, fish species and weather that were fished at that time were decided.

  For example, the waters to be fished are flat fishing ponds, which are charged on a daily basis. The fish species are mainly squid, and the season is a sunny breeze in summer. At this time, the soft tail drift of long drift should be selected. Because the fish opening is better in this case, the signal is relatively stable when biting the bait, and there are more small fish. The soft tail float of the long drift can filter out the arched signal of the small fish, and the signal to the float is mostly The carp feed signal, the blunt one under the float or the higher the rate of the fish in the eye. If you choose a float with a short drift, because of its high sensitivity, you can't filter the signal of the small fish. It is reflected that the signal of the float is mostly the feeding signal of the carp, and the bluntness of the float or the increase of the fish rate is higher. High, if you choose the float of short drift, because of its high sensitivity, you can't filter the signal of small fish and fish. At this time, the float is mostly reflected as left and right shaking or jumping up and down, the signal is disorderly, and the rate of raising the fish is very low.

  For example, the waters to be fished are for the breeding ponds, and the fish species are mainly squid. The season is the sunny breeze in winter. At this time, the soft tail drift of short drift should be selected. Because the fish opening is small in this case, the feeding action is not large, and the small fish will not eat the bait for seasonal reasons. The floating drift of the short drift is high, which can reflect the weak signal when the fish is feeding, but soft. The stability of the tail drift is better than the hard tail drift, so it is a wise choice to choose the soft tail drift of the short drift.

  In short, when choosing a float, you should remember that the sensitivity of the short drift is high, the stability of the long drift is good, the signal of the hard tail drift is transmitted, the signal of the soft tail drift is stable, and then the fishing according to the actual fishing situation is selected. Float.