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Teach you to identify carbon fishing rods and fiberglass fishing rods, fishing friends to quickly collect it!


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Teach you to identify carbon fishing rods and fiberglass fishing rods, fishing friends to quickly collect it!

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Thesamefishrequiresdifferentfishinggear.Iftheequipmentisusedimproperly,theefficiencyoffishingwillbegreatlyreduced.Inaddition,anglersalsoneedtoprepareequipmentthatsuitsthem.Thefishingrodisthemaintoolforfishing,andthefishingrodisdividedintocarboncrucibleandglassfiberreinforcedplastic.Thefollowingsmallserieswillgiveyouadeeperunderstandingofthesetwokindsoffishingrods.  Carbon竿  Carbonrodsarecharacterizedbygoodtoughnessandlightweight.Therodismadeofhigh-techcarbonfiber,whichhasgoodelasticityandalsohascertainconductivity.Therefore,besuretopayattentiontoprotectingelectricitywhenusingthistypeoffishingrod.  2.FRP  Alsoknownasfiberglassresinfishingrod,ithasgoodtoughness,highstrength,largedepression,nofearofblisters,nodirectsunlight,stronganddurable,andavarietyofcharacteristics.  Theglassfiberreinforcedplasticismainlymadeofglassfibersatincloth,andisahollowtubeorasolidbodywhichisformedbyimmersingepoxyresin,aldehyderesinandhightemperaturecuring.Comparedwithcarbonbismuth,FRPhastheadvantageofnon-conductivity,andismoresuitableforfishinginthunderstormdays.  ComparativeanalysisofcarbongermaniumandFRP:  Thereisanelectricsignonthecarbonenamel.Carbonenamelisfineintextureandgenerallyhasnopattern.Carbon竿islight,straightandsmall.Carbonisveryelastic.Thepriceofcarbongermaniumisrelativelyhigh.Carbon竿issuitableforuseinnon-Thunderstormdays.Carbon竿issuitableforfishingbigfish.  FRP,FRPhasnoanti-electricitymark.FRPenamelisroughandhasameshpattern.FRPhasathickdiameterandaheavymaterial,whichisawkward.FRPissmallinelasticity.FRPischeap.FRP竿issuitableforanyweatheruse.FRPissuitableformediumandsmallfish.  TeachyouhowtodistinguishtheauthenticityofcarbonenamelandFRP:  Forbeginners,thefishthataresoldinthemarketisdifficulttodistinguish.Afishcanbetensofdollars,andthousandsofdollars.Ifyoudon'tknowhowtobuyit,youwillbedeceived.Whenselecting,firstlookattheappearance,whetherthetrademarks,patternsandcharactersprintedontheenamelareblurred,rough,andunevenincolor.  Lookatthejointandseeifthepartthatisinsertedafewcentimetersinsidethecrucibleishard,smooth,andfreeofcracks.Thenpullouteachsectiontoseeifthejointisexposed.Ifthejointisnotexposed,itisgood.  Inserttheknotsoftheshacklesandstraightenthem,andtouchtheweightoftheshacklesbyhand.Ifthecenterofgravityofthecockroachesisattheendofthescorpion,thatis,therelativelythickersecondhalf,itisgood.Ifyouareinthemiddleoftheheart,thenitwillbeverylaborious.  Gentlytapyourbodywithyourfingers,andagoodfishingrodwillmakeacrispsoundwhenyouhitit.Ifyoumakeadullsound,itmeansthatyouareawkward.  AfterreadingthisarticleinXiaobian,thefishingfriendsknowhowtodistinguishbetweencarbonfiberandFRP?

  The same fish requires different fishing gear. If the equipment is used improperly, the efficiency of fishing will be greatly reduced. In addition, anglers also need to prepare equipment that suits them. The fishing rod is the main tool for fishing, and the fishing rod is divided into carbon crucible and glass fiber reinforced plastic. The following small series will give you a deeper understanding of these two kinds of fishing rods.

  Carbon 竿

  Carbon rods are characterized by good toughness and light weight. The rod is made of high-tech carbon fiber, which has good elasticity and also has certain conductivity. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to protecting electricity when using this type of fishing rod.

  2. FRP

  Also known as fiberglass resin fishing rod, it has good toughness, high strength, large depression, no fear of blisters, no direct sunlight, strong and durable, and a variety of characteristics.

  The glass fiber reinforced plastic is mainly made of glass fiber satin cloth, and is a hollow tube or a solid body which is formed by immersing epoxy resin, aldehyde resin and high temperature curing. Compared with carbon bismuth, FRP has the advantage of non-conductivity, and is more suitable for fishing in thunderstorm days.

  Comparative analysis of carbon germanium and FRP:

  There is an electric sign on the carbon enamel. Carbon enamel is fine in texture and generally has no pattern. Carbon 竿 is light, straight and small. Carbon is very elastic. The price of carbon germanium is relatively high. Carbon 竿 is suitable for use in non-Thunderstorm days. Carbon 竿 is suitable for fishing big fish.

  FRP, FRP has no anti-electricity mark. FRP enamel is rough and has a mesh pattern. FRP has a thick diameter and a heavy material, which is awkward. FRP is small in elasticity. FRP is cheap. FRP 竿 is suitable for any weather use. FRP is suitable for medium and small fish.

  Teach you how to distinguish the authenticity of carbon enamel and FRP:

  For beginners, the fish that are sold in the market is difficult to distinguish. A fish can be tens of dollars, and thousands of dollars. If you don't know how to buy it, you will be deceived. When selecting, first look at the appearance, whether the trademarks, patterns and characters printed on the enamel are blurred, rough, and uneven in color.

  Look at the joint and see if the part that is inserted a few centimeters inside the crucible is hard, smooth, and free of cracks. Then pull out each section to see if the joint is exposed. If the joint is not exposed, it is good.

  Insert the knots of the shackles and straighten them, and touch the weight of the shackles by hand. If the center of gravity of the cockroaches is at the end of the scorpion, that is, the relatively thicker second half, it is good. If you are in the middle of the heart, then it will be very laborious.

  Gently tap your body with your fingers, and a good fishing rod will make a crisp sound when you hit it. If you make a dull sound, it means that you are awkward.

  After reading this article in Xiaobian, the fishing friends know how to distinguish between carbon fiber and FRP?

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