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How to distinguish between FRP and carbon


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How to distinguish between FRP and carbon

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FRPisafishingrodofcompositematerialmadeofglassfiber.Carbonbismuthisacompositefishingrodthatusescarbonfiberasareinforcingmaterial.1.Carbonhasanti-electricitysigns,andFRPdoesnot.  2,FRPenameltextureisrough,thereisanetworkpattern,youcanseethecriss-crossingofthewarpandweft.Thecarbonenamelisfineandhasnopatternoutsidethetubewall.Itisblackandbright.Evenifthereisameshpattern,itisalsoacarbonfiberbasecloth.Itsfineandsilverywhitecoloriscompletelydifferentfromtheobviousinterlacingoftheglassfiberreinforcedconcrete.Carbonbismuthhashighstrength,goodelectricalconductivity,andisresistanttoabrasion,hightemperatureandcorrosion.  3.ThediameterandweightoftheFRParerelativelyclumsy.Carbonenamelislight,straight,straight,thinandsmall,andthetopcoatismainlytransparentortranslucentlacquer.  4.Measurewithamultimeterandscrewittothe“K”positionoftheresistor.Thetwotestpensareincontactwiththepaintedpartattheendofeachend,andthehandsareswungintoacarbonsteelcrucible;thehandsarenotmovedtotheFRP.  Second,carbonbismuthandglassreinforcedplasticwhichisgood  Fishingrodsarethemaintoolforfishing.Anglerswanttohaveoneormorepairsoffishingrodsthataredelicate,easytouseandhandy.ThequalityofcarbonbismuthandFRPenamelcannotbegeneralized.Itcanonlybesaidthateachhasitsownstrengthsandhasitsownshortcomings.  Thecharacteristicsofcarbonbismuth:light,quite,straight,thin,bright,goodquality,exquisiteproduction,goodelasticity,largefishingforce,goodfishingperformance(feel),strongoverallperformance.FRPisheavierthancarbonanditsqualityisnotasgoodasthatofcarbon,butithasgoodelasticity,highstrength,lowpriceandnoelectricity.Foranglersinthunderstormsorhigh-voltagelines,itisbesttochooseFRP.Infact,whatkindofchoiceshouldbechosenbythephishersaccordingtotheirownhobbiesandactualconsumptionlevels.

  FRP is a fishing rod of composite material made of glass fiber. Carbon bismuth is a composite fishing rod that uses carbon fiber as a reinforcing material. 1. Carbon has anti-electricity signs, and FRP does not.

  2, FRP enamel texture is rough, there is a network pattern, you can see the criss-crossing of the warp and weft. The carbon enamel is fine and has no pattern outside the tube wall. It is black and bright. Even if there is a mesh pattern, it is also a carbon fiber base cloth. Its fine and silvery white color is completely different from the obvious interlacing of the glass fiber reinforced concrete. Carbon bismuth has high strength, good electrical conductivity, and is resistant to abrasion, high temperature and corrosion.

  3. The diameter and weight of the FRP are relatively clumsy. Carbon enamel is light, straight, straight, thin and small, and the topcoat is mainly transparent or translucent lacquer.

  4. Measure with a multimeter and screw it to the “K” position of the resistor. The two test pens are in contact with the painted part at the end of each end, and the hands are swung into a carbon steel crucible; the hands are not moved to the FRP.

  Second, carbon bismuth and glass reinforced plastic which is good

  Fishing rods are the main tool for fishing. Anglers want to have one or more pairs of fishing rods that are delicate, easy to use and handy. The quality of carbon bismuth and FRP enamel cannot be generalized. It can only be said that each has its own strengths and has its own shortcomings.

  The characteristics of carbon bismuth: light, quite, straight, thin, bright, good quality, exquisite production, good elasticity, large fishing force, good fishing performance (feel), strong overall performance. FRP is heavier than carbon and its quality is not as good as that of carbon, but it has good elasticity, high strength, low price and no electricity. For anglers in thunderstorms or high-voltage lines, it is best to choose FRP. In fact, what kind of choice should be chosen by the phishers according to their own hobbies and actual consumption levels.